Our Services

What We Offer

Custom Kitchens

Gorgeous custom cabinets and seamless countertops.

Custom Bathrooms

Seamless Corian installation for any size custom shower base with invisible seams

Commercial Projects

Reception desks, custom cabinets for your office space, and surfaces.

Custom Cabinets

We perform our own woodwork and millwork – if you can dream it, we can build it

Custom Millwork

Custom millwork is a specialty of ours – doors, moulding, flooring, trim – just to name a few

Custom Furniture

As a custom design shop, we can manufacture custom furniture that is built to last a lifetime.

Working with Us – Here's what to Expect

Free Estimate

After your initial inquiry, we’ll discuss your vision and options for bringing that vision to life.  We’ll discuss potential materials, and finish levels - giving you complete control and providing the utmost attention to your needs and budget.  We will provide you with a free estimate.

Quality Hand Manufacturing

Our studio will set to work in building your pieces, and completing your millwork. We take special care and price in using non-flammable, green guarded finishes and related products - ensuring that your home and family will be protected from toxic chemicals.

Windows & Door Mouldings

As a full service millwork studio, during projects we often need to work within the limitations of the original layout - including working around existing windows and door frames. To give our jobs added style we can create custom mouldings.

Custom Design

We’ll invite you to visit our studio, where we will review your 2D and 3D designs.  We’ll explore options and make refinements.  Once you’re completely satisfied with our design plan, we’ll complete our detailed estimate for your approval.  At this point,  a 50% deposit will be due. Once your project is built and ready for installation, the second payment of 40% is due.

Delivery and Installation

We will schedule a delivery and installation date with you, working with your schedule or your contractor. We carefully transfer your pieces via a heated cube van, ensuring that your custom work is never left out in the elements.  We will install your custom pieces carefully, paying close attention to joins and positioning.  Every aspect of our installation will meet the same quality and standards as our hand manufacturing.  After careful clean-up, completing the project, at which point the final 10% payment will be due.